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About The Boy and the Bunnet

The Story

The Boy and the Bunnet is a brilliant way to introduce children (and adults) to the Scots language and Scots traditional instruments.

In the story each of the characters is represented by a different musical instrument. it also introduces different styles of Scots traditional music, for example, a jig, a march and a reel. The Boy and the Bunnet is performed in a live show, with a narrator guiding the audience through the story. A book and CD have been published, and educational material is available for teachers to introduce the story in schools.

The story has been written by James Robertson, and the music composed by James Ross. It is hoped that The Boy and the Bunnet will become a familiar story to children for many years to come, be it enjoyed in the theatre, the classroom or at home.

Music by James Ross
James Ross composed the music. As a player and a composer, James has a truly magical way with a piano. He has twice been nominated as Composer of the Year at the Scots Traditional Music Awards in 2008 and 2010.
Words by James Robertson
James Robertson is a poet, novelist, short story writer and editor, writing in English and Scots. He is a founder and editor of the Scots language children's imprint Itchy Coo and set up the pamphlet-publishing imprint Kettillonia in 1999. He spends most of his time now working on adult fiction and books for bairns in Scots.
Translated by Aonghas MacNeacail
Aonghas MacNeacail is a poet and songwriter who was born in Uig, on the Isle of Skye. He is also a broadcaster, journalist, scriptwriter, librettist and translator. A native Gael, he writes in Gaelic and English.
Narrated in Scots by Gerda Stevenson
Gerda Stevenson is one of Scotland's best known actors. Also a writer and director, she has worked for over 30 years on stage, TV, radio and film. She starred in Braveheart and is a BAFTA award winner.
Narrated in Gaelic by Wilma Kennedy
The Gaelic interpretation of The Boy and the Bunnet is narrated by Wilma Kennedy. Wilma is a winner of both the Gold Medal and Traditional Gold Medal at the National Mod; one of only a few Gaelic singers to have won both accolades. She is Gaelic Singing Tutor at NCETM and a performer in her own right.
Animations by John McGeoch
John has been creating shows for young people for over 35 years. He established Arts in Motion 25 years ago and was an early pioneer and innovator exploring how to incorporate multimedia and animation into live performance.
About the Musicians
Featuring music from James Ross, Fraser Fifield, Corrina Hewat, Patsy Reid, Angus Lyon, Neil Johnstone, Signy Jakobsdottir.
Education by Cerin Richardson
The education project is co-ordinated by Cerin Richardson. Cerin is a freelance arts education consultant, currently working for Festival City Theatres Trust, and has also worked as an actor and headteacher.


The Boy and the Bunnet is a Big Sky project. Big Sky is a new venture committed to producing creative projects of the highest quality including publishing, broadcasting and performance.

Big thanks to: Creative Scotland, Celtic Connections, Gaelic Books Council, and Blas for their faith and funding (especially David Taylor and Donald Shaw); Fiona Fowler for keeping it all together; to Aonghas MacNeacail for interpreting; to Gerda Stevenson for directing; the musicians for being brilliant to work with and listen to; and to the two James’s for their extraordinary talent, patience, goodwill and unfailing support – lang may their bunnets birl.

Illustrations by Jojo Norris. Site design by Jane Wilde. Additional design by The 16k Design Works.

Big Sky Music is a subsidiary of Creative Services (Scotland) Ltd. Music copyright © James Ross 2011. Story copyright © James Robertson 2011. The Boy and the Bunnet concept and project have been developed by Bryan Beattie.

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